Hello, I'm Andrew Garcia

founder of The Arena Program.

My journey from the structured world of military service to the dynamic and rewarding realm of tech sales is both a personal triumph and the cornerstone of my mission: to empower veterans transitioning into civilian life with the tools, skills, and mindset needed to thrive in tech sales roles. 

Like many veterans, I faced the daunting task of navigating my career path after my military service ended. Transitioning to tech sales was a leap into the unknown, but it was there I discovered not just a career but a calling.

During my tenure, particularly the impactful years at Salesforce, I grew a business from $110K in revenue to over $10M in just four years. These experiences taught me more than just how to sell; they taught me the importance of vision, strong mindset, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Why The Arena Program?

Inspired by my own journey and the challenges I overcame, 

the Arena Program was born out of a deep desire to offer a guiding light to fellow veterans looking to find their place in the civilian world. Our core values—mindset, vision, habits, sales acumen, and business knowledge—are more than just principles; they are the foundation upon which our veterans can build a new, prosperous future.


We don't just teach sales.

We focus on transforming individuals into trusted advisors for their clients, equipping them with not just the knowledge but the confidence to succeed. Our approach is unique because it's personal. I've lived through the challenges, celebrated the victories, and now, I want to share those lessons with you.

Impact and Vision

My vision for The Arena Program goes beyond career transitions; it's about life transformations. I've seen firsthand the power of this program to change lives, instilling veterans with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

By becoming exceptional sales professionals, they’re not just getting a job, they're not just securing their future.


Beyond the Battlefield and the Boardroom

While my professional achievements fill me with pride, my identity isn't confined to them. As a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, I appreciate the thrill of the game, the strategy behind every play, and the passion of the fans.

It's a reminder that life, much like sales, is a mix of strategy, passion, and the joy of the pursuit. Speaking of sales, discovery is my favorite part of the process. It's where connection is made, needs are understood, and solutions begin to form—a perfect metaphor for what we do here at The Arena Program.

" Thank you for considering The Arena Program as your partner in transformation. Together, we can turn your potential into your reality. "


Are you ready to move into a new career?