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Online On-Demand Course

Online 10-week course created to show you how to break into tech sales and teach you how to pursue mastery in tech sales. 

This truly is designed for people that have realized the benefits of tech sales and want to pursue mastery in this career. 

We work hard, we hold each other accountable and we all enjoy each other's success. 

Community With Other Hunters

The community is second to none. If you have any questions about what the community is like reach out to existing members and they'll tell you how much we care about creating an environment where we embody the phrase: "As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another." 

Expect to be sharpened and sharpen others in this community. 

Practice Sessions

We believe one of the best ways to get better is to actually be in the arena. You will have several opportunities to hone your skills critical areas of sales. 

Some areas we focus on are interview, cold call and discovery practice. 

Group and 1:1 Coaching Sessions

We have 3 weekly group coaching sessions where we learn and practice skills required to pursue mastery in tech sales.

 We also have 1:1 coaching sessions to help you get deeper into the material and receive tailored advice for your situation. 

Access to Thousands in Extended Network

Everyone one we know, you now have access to.

This helps you get a job much faster than you would otherwise. 

As soon as you become part of The Arena you have access to thousands of people in the Arena extended network. 

Interviews On-Demand

We have an extensive network of employers that are constantly looking to hire top talent and want to hire members from The Arena. 

When you are ready to start interviewing we can get you interviews with some of the best tech companies in the world.  

Accountability Built in

 The journey to mastery in sales is hard. But, not so hard that we don't believe we can't pursue it. But, just hard enough that life seems to keep getting int he way. 

We created the accountability program to help us actually achieve the things we said we wanted to achieve. The purpose is to learn how to build keystone habits that change everything. 

And to ensure we are successful we don't do it alone. 

Watch Andrew do Live Cold Calling

Seeing is believing.

We create an environment where you can learn from others and watch before you get out there and start doing it yourself.

Andrew will consistently demonstrate best practices for prospecting and cold calling. You will get to watch as Andrew calls on prospects live to book meetings.  


Practice Cold Calling

You want to get good at getting strangers to trust you enough to buy something from you? You have to practice. 

We help you and go step by step how to get really good at cold calling so when you show up at your first job you are already booking meetings like a pro.


PracticeDiscovery Session Sneak Peek

Andy Nowak + McKenah Johnson


What Members Of The Arene Are Saying

The Online Course Curriculum

Designed to be 10 weeks long at 2-3 hours per week.

Phase 1: Mindset, Vision Habits

In this phase we will focus on understanding and developing each of these characteristics that are required to be good in tech sales, mindset, vision and habits.

  • The mindset that will keep you going when things inevitably get very hard.
    • Mindset is the beginning of achieving everything you want
    • Self mastery must precede sales mastery
  • The vision that will keep you focused and organized in the short and long term.
    • Funeral Exercise will help you take who you ant to become and start taking action today
  • And finally, the habits and actions you must adopt and commit to in order to make your vision a reality.
    • Keystone habits - habits that change everything

Outcomes from Phase 1:

  1. Develop a mindset that serves you and your goals
  2. Build a vision that inspires you AND others
  3. Learn to execute with habits that change everything

Phase 2: Learning how to get a job in tech sales

In this phase we will learn the actual steps on how to go get a job in tech sales. We will teach you a system that will start to land you meetings, interviews and job offers. As a result of using our system, you will begin to learn to create your own.

💰 Learning how to build systems is a skill that will make you a lot of money.

  • Intentional networking
  • Delivering value in a high stakes situation
  • Taking advantage of the interview process

In this phase the practice will ramp up. We are partnering with two AI companies that will help you write better resumes, refine your LinkedIn profile, manage job search efforts and provide you with a place to conduct mock interviews with immediate feedback.

You will also start doing live interview practice with coaches and peers. Expect to be challenged, pushed out of your comfort zone frequently and to get honest feedback. We want you to do your best but it means we have to show you what the best looks and feels like.

Outcomes from Phase 2:

  1. Understand the power of systems and how to create your own
  2. Truly learn how to master the interview process
  3. Begin getting job offers for roles in tech sales

Phase 3: Learning how to pursue mastery in tech sales

Getting the job is the easy part. Getting great at the job will require a dogged pursuit of mastery.

In phase 3 we act as if you have landed the job and now we want to teach and practice the skills necessary to be successful in the initial role.

😎 Be memorable. By definition, if you aren’t memorable, you are forgettable. And there is too much at stake to be forgotten. - Matt Bolian , USMA 2010

  • What to do starting day 1 to get rookie of the year
  • Keys to being memorable in your first 30, 60, 90 days
  • What gets measured, improves.

In this phase we will learn about prospecting, discovery, objection handling, natural curiosity, creative problem solving and more. The goal of this phase is to make sure you hit the ground running when you land your first job.

Outcomes from Phase 3:

  1. Being ridiculously prepared for the new role and be #1 on the leaderboard in 12 months
  2. Knowing how to increase your pay
  3. Ways to be memorable in your company and with your customers

Discovery Session Sneak Peek

Eugene is trying to sell Andrew a lawn care service. 


How Much $$$ Can You Expect To Make?

So what are you getting here?

🥸 I’m going to give you the keys to a career in tech sales where the earning potential is unlike any other.

I’m going to help you get a job in a career that will change your life.

In Enterprise Sales

  • Average First year in sales is $80K with above average performers making over $100K in year 1
  • Average AE makes over $225K…
  • Above average AE makes over $500K
  • Great AE’s are making over $750K
  • Elite AE’s are making over $1M in tech sales. (I personally know a few of these people)

The Following Data Is Taken From Public Online Sources:

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